Whats the goal of CD?

We want to provide gamers with a hub for their games, their clans and their clan mates. Here you will be able to submit your clan and update it with roster information. But it doesn’t stop there. With CD you can work with the CD team to help you host gaming/tournament scoring. You also have a forum where you can post about video games and none video game related topics and you can do all in one place. Best part of it all, we provide all this to you FREE of charge. Allow us to connect you with other clans/teams and clan mates.


You will be able to create a clan profile and kick you clan exposure to the next level. Promote your team/clan and thus help your clan expand with new players.


You will be able to search through our list of Teams and Clans and find a place where you can call home. Connect with other players and be a part of the clan that best describes you and what you like to do.

NOTE: This is a new site so be patient as we build our database with new clans, new players and new games.